24 October, 2011

Team Spot Light - Le petite Menagerie

The winner of our Halloween / fall challenge is Le Petite Menagerie

Shelby says . . .

I've been sewing my entire life, and have a passionate love for millinery.
My recent jaunt costuming for the circus has left me with a love for all things decadent, rhinestones and feathered.
In my shop you'll find Burlesque, Cirque, and inventive clothing accessories, including handmade hats.
I also make poi, for practicing fire spinning.


20 July, 2011

Team spotlight Soobird

Soobird was the runner up in our first team challenge so here is a little bit about her ....
Everything I do is one of kind, my own design and creation. What you see in my  facebook gallery originated from a teacup hat I made in June 2009 for a friend's Mad Hatter's 30th Tea Party. Interest in my design was overwhelming, and I was approached by Scarlet Fullilove who invited me to sell my work in Tiger Lilly's Vintage Boutique, Reading.

This drove me to create a range of hats, brooches, fascinators and accessories all inspired by The Mad Hatter. Poker, Burlesque and 1950s styles and themes were added, many in keeping with the selection of vintage clothing available in the shop.

Originally from Blackpool, I graduated from Winchester School of Art in 2002 and worked in publishing before moving into teaching. I love my current role, and am currently building my textile empire with 11-19 year olds in Newbury.

Teaching enables me to play around with fabrics and threads on a daily basis. The people I work and live with are my biggest inspiration, and after a day sharing my skills with students, or meeting fellow enthusiasts at the local knitting group, I look forward to coming home to my workshop and creating my own work from materials I have harvested over the years.

My work has been purchased and used for a range of events and occasions, such as weddings, cocktail parties, fashion shows and burlesque. I am now looking to broaden my catalogue, and am on the look-out for any ideas or themes that are suggested to me- so please feel free to get in touch via email.

Soobird items are handmade and intended to suit the individual needs of each of my customers. This makes each one unique, and that little extra bit special.


29 June, 2011

Team Spotlight Delilah Burlesque

The Lovely Miss Delilah. A name perfectly fitting for this glamorous vixen of the Etsy burlesque community.
Delilah. Soft and lovely and sensual. I like it. I like it a lot.

Anyhow, the lovely Delilah has a super sexy and glamorous shop where she makes and sells vintage, bridal accessories, burlesque costumes, fascinators, lingerie, evening wear, jewelry and shoes - for burly girls, and fun housewives alike. If I asked her I bet she would say it's an even mix. But the interview will follow.

I was intrigued to find she had a website, and oh my what a website. You can tell in an instant what her theme (will have to ask her a better word for that) is when you see her peacock-festooned website. It is brilliant.

Delilah is a Cabaret Performer, a Fan Dancer, a Burlesque Instructor, a Costume Designer, and Milliner.
Jealous, that's me.
Here is a little bit about her history that I have found~

Delilah's burlesque career began in 2000, in Vancouver Canada. In 2002, Delilah relocated to the United Kingdom, and has since performed all over the globe. Once a performer with the world's smallest mobile peep-show, Wyndham's Wandering Woo-Woo Wagon, she has gone on to appear at almost every major music and burlesque festival in the world. She was second runner up in the Miss Viva Las Vegas pageant with her giant pint glass act (her own unique tribute to the classic martini glass act.) Delilah has appeared in countless publications in Canada, the US and the UK as well as music videos, television and film and she models for a variety of boutique fashion houses.

I was lucky enough to have a short question and answer with the lovely Miss D:

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself

Delilah: I am a cabaret performer, a burlesque instructor and a designer. I have been performing burlesque for 11 years.

Q: What is your theme/stage/name/persona?

Delilah: My character, Delilah, is a knockout girl-next-door who attracts danger, intrigue and the ridiculous. No matter what sort of caper she ends up in, she always triumphs in the end with a smile on her face.

My acts vary from the classic to the bizarre. I like to put an unexpected twist on everything so that I keep the audience engaged.

Q: What do you teach?

Delilah: My classes include introductory burlesque, fan dancing, act workshopping, choreography, persona development and master classes. I teach private lessons, so I tailor all of my classes to the individuals needs. I have been teaching burlesque for 5 years.

I have an MFA. I'm a visual artist and I occasionally teach photography at the University level.

My art background has drilled into me a real DIY work ethic. I want to be in control of every aspect of what I do, which has led me down a lot of different paths. I like getting my hands dirty and learning new things. I am also the sort of person who enjoys critique. Its art school brainwashing, wherein a large portion of the process in creating work is to tear it apart and seek out the essence: what is necessary and what is not. It certainly comes in handy when teaching.

Although I have been making costumes for well over a decade, this spring I launched an apparel line, which I am currently expanding. The main focus is lingerie and comfortable evening wear, in addition to the burlesque related items in my shop.

I have lived in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. I travel all the time. I thrive on culture.

Q: Who, in the burlesque community do you admire?

Delilah: There are many burlesque performers that I admire, but the ones I knew about when I was fairly new still stand out in my mind: Dirty Martini, Tigger, Indigo Blue and Fancy Chance are only a few of them. Many of my inspirations are from people in the fine art world.

Q: Do you have a mentor?

Delilah: I would not say that I have a mentor. I have a burlesque family comprised of people that I trust and admire.

Q: What is your favorite drink?

Delilah: I'll have a Hendrick's and tonic with cucumber.

Q: Where else can we find you?

Delilah: Find me no matter where my travels take me here: http://www.delilahburlesque.com/

24 June, 2011

Burly Team Treasuries